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Ejemplo 3

Este es un ejemplo de un blog que se lleva en inglés (algunos alumnos eligieron hacerlo en este idioma con la intención de practicarlo). Aunque en este caso, el tono es menos personal, retomamos dos de sus entradas (semanas 4 y 5) para ejemplificar una posibilidad del escribir el blog semanalmente: vemos cómo el alumno se hace preguntas y luego las sigue (estudia, se repregunta a la siguiente semana).
semanas 4 y 5: historia y distribución de la tecnología

Why digital inclusion?
21 09 2010

Hi everyone,
in the last post I made a comment about why the government is so worried about digital inclusion and I said that this week I was going to find the answer and I did it partially.
The only answer per se that I have found said that the digital inclusion is been promoted because the countries that are already using ICTs magically got better health care, the poor people decrease, etc. and they want the rest of the countries to have the same results.
Later in the article I have read, they said that there is an economical benefit from there and that is the most logical answer.
I have thought that with the inclusion of ICTs people spend more money buying new products and services for them, they generate jobs for covering this two groups, etc. promoting people to spend more money in things that really do not add an extra value to their life.
I said that I have found the answer partially beacuase that answer is not enough for me. I will keep looking for it and I hope not to be too late to post it here.

Digital divide
12 09 2010

This week and the last one, we have been talking about the history of Internet and this introduced digital divide. Internet is a big global place where everyone can be everywhere accessing from your personal computer, for example.
One of the polemyc topics is that Internet is just for some people and this is used to divide the world in two groups, the ones that have access to internet and the ones who do not have it. Some countries are trying to reduce this division by making access to internet one of the human rights, i.e. Finland.
The main question I have been thinking is, why the government want all the people to be on the network?, what benefits they have?, is it just that companies want some advantage of it?
Those questions are the ones I want to answer in my next post.

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